Endodontics is a highly specialized area of dentistry and the last few years have seen a range of technology come on the market to help endodontists do their jobs. The biggest advances have been in the area of digital imaging software in 2D and 3D that enhance diagnostic abilities. This means endodontists can spot fractures or accessory root canals before a procedure is performed giving a better chance at a good outcome and saving a patient's natural teeth. There is a great advantage in being able to see the specifics of each patient and have a clearer picture of where bone is formed around the teeth. Modern microscope technology integrated with IT can also help you work smarter. NetFusion Consulting offers solutions for:

  • Cone Beam CBCT
  • 3D CBCT
  • Pan/Ceph X-ray Machines
  • CD OrthoTrac Software
  • Digital Cameras

We can also provide IT that frees up your front office team's time and enables them to provide a much better service to patients:

  • Practice Management Software
  • Cloud Solutions
  • E-services (forms, backups, payments, statements etc)

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