Security & Encryption

One of the biggest threats to any dental practice is the possible breach of patient information. This is why HIPAA and HITECH laws demand that specific security measures are put in place to reduce the risk of data theft and it is vital that you are compliant with these regulations or you could risk your business. We help you by:

  • Ensuring data is encrypted whenever it's transmitted over networks, saved or uploaded.
  • Ensuring users have a network account, to enforce password compliance and monitor user activity as required by HIPAA.
  • Test-restoring your backups as HIPAA demands you have a plan to restart your server from local backup drive or the cloud.
  • Performing risk assessments, including vulnerability scans to find security weak spots.
  • Performing regular patches and updates of your software.

HIPAA compliance is often overlooked by busy dentists, so let the NetFusion Consulting experts take care of it for you, while you take care of your patients.

We can help keep you safe and compliant and make sure your systems meet legal requirements. We do this by carrying out a professional audit of your systems to check and document your compliance as required by HIPAA.

Learn more about our security solutions and regulation compliance by talking to the team today.