Orthodontic practices have advanced considerably over the past couple of decades, mostly aided by technology. Whereas in the past, tooth extractions and wires and brackets were the main treatments for a range of dental issues, now there are many more options for orthodontic practitioners that give impressive results. And the more of the latest technology you've adopted, the more likely general dentists are to refer their patients to you for orthodontic treatments.

One of the most useful technology developments for orthodontists is cone beam CT scanning which gives 3D images of the skull, jaw, and underlying bone structure helping to diagnose issues and plan for treatments. NetFusion Consulting has experience with helping install and integrate these scanners as well as other technology for orthodontist, including:

  • Carestream Scan CS 3500 - to capture colour high-res 3D images.
  • Pan/Ceph and Ceph Tracing
  • Carestream CD Model - to create accurate models in minutes.
  • Digital Cameras

As a Certified Service Provider with Carestream NetFusion Consulting is able to integrate this high technology into your surgery and help you maintain, upgrade and service it when needed.

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