The days when all the dentist needed was a chair, some basic tools and a strong light are long gone. Now even the smallest practice has a range of technology to ensure better outcomes for patients. This includes everything from x-ray machines to imaging devices and software for scheduling and appointments. The challenge is to integrate them so they work smoothly together and speed up office tasks while ensuring a better patient experience.

Here at NetFusion Consulting we are able to integrate your management and imaging software so you get the best return on your investment. This takes careful planning, so our experts will look at your practice and take into account current and future needs and how your staff work to ensure the best results before providing seamless integration of front office and clinical treatment systems and hardware. We also offer ongoing technical support and training when needed.

Whether you are starting a new office or upgrading an existing one, our support services can help guide you through the process.

NetFusion Consulting has long working relationships with the biggest names in dental software and computer hardware and so can be your trusted technology planning partner with integration solutions that allow your practice's expensive tech to work better than it ever has before.

Talk to the team at NetFusion Consulting about our Integration Solutions today.