General Dentists

The range of tools, diagnostic and imaging equipment available to modern dentists is huge and growing all the time. But more equipment, hardware and software can mean more stress managing and integrating it into your practice, so let NetFusion Consulting's experts take the strain.

We have years of experience in supplying dental practices with advanced and specialized technology services, and providing software hardware and networking solutions. We are a Certified Service Provider with Carestream and are able to integrate digital x-rays and CBCT systems with web-enabled applications that are compatible with the latest operating systems and computers. Some of the solutions we offer general practice dentists are:

  • Imagine Managment Software
  • Imagine Managment Software
  • Digital X-rays
  • Pan/Ceph X-ray Machines
  • Chairside Computing
  • Paperless charting
  • Digital Sensors and Cameras

We can also provide IT that helps smooth the workflow in your offices with solutions such as:

  • Practice Management Software
  • Cloud Solutions
  • E-services (forms, backups, payments, statements etc)

Here at NetFusion Consulting we take great pride in the fact that our solutions will have a huge impact on your practice, while keeping any disruptions to a minimum. So with larger projects we try to work in the evenings or at weekends so that during your business hours there is a little disturbance as possible. You should come to us for advice before making any expensive purchases so we can work on a plan for integration and implementation.

Talk to NetFusion Consulting today about our leading solutions for general dentists.