The role of periodontists has changed over time as more and more innovations have come about that allow many patients to regain health and function in their natural teeth rather than resort to implants. Many of these advancements have been in the areas of periodontal bone and soft-tissue regeneration but newly designed instruments and technology have played their part, especially in terms of imaging and scanning. Carestream is the market leader in this area and being a certified partner, NetFusion Consulting can help periodontists install and manage this vital tech including:

  • CBCT Impression Scanners
  • CS Restore - to design accurate crowns and inlays.
  • Preferred Labs - to create restorations.
  • CS 3500 - For 3D digital scans to integrate with CAD/CAM.
  • Mill: CS 3000 - to mill and place crowns in a single appointment.

With solutions from NetFusion Consulting Inc. you'll be able to increase your range and offer your valued patients even better periodontistry services than before.

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