Multi-Location Practices

Once a dental practice expands beyond one location, the technology challenges increase. But the experts at NetFusion Consulting can help you cope with solutions that address everything from scheduling and managing patient records to sharing information and scaling resources. Look at the ways we can help:

  • We connect multiple sites together.
  • Multi-office imaging allows access to records and X-ray images over several locations.
  • We ensure ease of billing, backup and IT management.
  • We offer VPN and Cloud solutions.
  • Provider management allows software solutions to work across locations.
  • Centralized data and reporting.

Multi-Office technology solutions are tailored by NetFusion Consulting to assist with the organization and management of your various office computer systems across your locations.

Here at NetFusion Consulting we have undertaken design, maintenance and support of a huge number of multi-site technology solutions for dental practices across California. So if you're planning an expansion or want a better setup for your current locations, we are the team who can help.

Want to learn more about our multi-practice solutions? Talk to one of our experts.