Why We’re Different

If you're a dental professional, you not only have specific needs when it comes to your IT but you also want to spend as much time with your patients as possible. After all, helping people was why you got into this profession in the first place. It wasn't your vocation to spend time stressing about servers and laptops.

So what you need is a professional team who will not only look after your day-to-day IT but who understand how you work and who are familiar with the ins and out of the specialized equipment and software that has been developed for the industry.

NetFusion Consulting helps dentists and dental professionals like you by offering tailored services that give you more time to help your patients.

We offer a range of managed services to ensure day-to-day office management runs smoothly, including general IT repair, rewiring, hardware updates and round-the-clock monitoring, whether you run a single practice or several locations. We can keep you compliant with healthcare regulations and ensure patients' data is secure.

How our services can help you, at a glance:

  • You can focus on your patients, and stop worrying about your IT.
  • Enjoy enhanced collaboration and convenience.
  • Greatly improved IT security to protect precious data.
  • Fully HIPAA compliance.
  • Dentrix Certified Integration Engineers.

Want to know more? Why not give us a call and talk to one of IT experts about your needs - we're waiting to help.