Oral Surgeons

For a long time, oral surgery was something that patients were wary of, but new advances in technology mean that such procedures are becoming easier all the time and much more comfortable for patients. With new imaging equipment, there is less need for "explorative" techniques. This means that surgeons can use a more guided approach and even see the surgical area in 3D before operating or performing a procedure such as placing implants or removing molars.

The experts at NetFusion Consulting have a wealth of experience in integrating and overseeing the Carestream technical equipment used by oral surgeons such as

  • Panoramic and Cephalometric Imaging
  • Digital Imaging Software
  • Digital Cameras

Lessen the workload with software such as our ceph tracing solution that makes your work life easier than ever before. By streamlining your processes and adopting cloud based technology you'll have more time to spend treating your patients and you'll be able to stop worrying about administration and paperwork too.

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