Digital X-Ray & Cone Beam CBCT

Digital X-rays and cone beam (CBCT) technology have become vital tools in modern dentistry, particularly in the areas of planning and diagnosis thanks to the extremely high quality 3D images they produce and their ability to capture tissue and bone.

Numerous practices are making the transition to digital dental X-ray systems. Your patients are increasingly expecting technology to play a greater part in the services you offer and the level of care they receive. By adopting the latest practices and innovations in your industry, you are demonstrating that you take their health and well being seriously.

Just look at the myriad of benefits you will reap when you transition to digital X-rays:

  • Reduce radiation exposure by 75% or more and offer a higher level of patient care
  • Detect disease easier by enhancing your X-rays through exposure control, image enlargement, and color and texture enhancement
  • The overall quality of digital images far exceeds that of traditional X-ray images
  • Get organized and become more productive by storing instantly-accessible files digitally, thus eliminating the need to file X-rays
  • Make life easier and safer by removing the need to work with developing chemicals and fixing solutions
  • Send X-ray images to other professional parties instantly and remove the risk of lost images

For those occasions when regular dental or facial X-rays are not sufficient, NetFusion Consulting Inc. also offers cone beam CBCT technology solutions which enable you to produce 3D images of your patients' dental structure, soft tissues, nerve pathways and bone all in one single scan. This allows for far more effective disease evaluation and enables you to plan the appropriate treatment with more confidence.

For more information about NetFusion Consulting's digital X-ray and cone beam CBCT solutions, get in touch.